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ISO 9001-2008 Compliant
At Patsons, we have only one standard – excellence. The hallmarks of our printing process are consistency and repeatability of outstanding performance in every step of production.

Patsons has maintained a Quality System compliant with the ISO 9001 quality standard since 2001.

In keeping with that standard, we hold regular management reviews and maintain systems for:

Contract review
Corrective action
Supplier monitoring
Document control
Internal audits
Control of non-conforming product

We also have fully documented procedures for receiving, in-process inspection, and final inspection checkpoints. Departmental procedures include:

  Inspects all plates before sending them to the press department
  Checks all press work against customer-signed proofs
  Runs all work to densitometer readings
  Obtains supervisor signoff on initial press sheets
  Checks press sheets at designated intervals throughout the run
  Performs a pre-collation check of all book work
  Checks First Article of all projects
  Performs final inspection against customer specifications before release to shipping

In accordance with the ISO 9001-2008 guidelines, we maintain records of all inspection outcomes, including documentation of any nonconforming product.
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