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Vendor Managed Inventory

Perfect for innovation-driven companies

Imagine having just the right amount of printed materials in inventory that you need, at just the right time, without paying higher prices for short-run printing or having to produce them in-house.

Vendor managed inventory makes this possible. The advantages to you include:

Uninterrupted product flow
Convenience of smaller orders at “large order” prices
Little or no risk of obsolescence of materials
Shorter turn times – same day, 24 hour, and 48 to 72 hours
Timely, quick deliveries with no build-up of inventory
Deliveries made right to the point-of-use and consumed there – no storage necessary
Greater cost-effectiveness with reduced inventory
Reduced demand uncertainty and shipping costs
No need for a specialized, in-house workforce to produce packaging or manuals, which lowers your costs

With VMI, you can:

Stay ahead of your competition, with a sharper focus on your product development, innovation, and shorter time to market
Stay on track with increased product flow and expanding product portfolios by outsourcing your documentation
Deliver guaranteed service levels to your customers

Expertise you can trust
We implemented VMI so successfully with Nortel Networks that we were named “Supplier of the Year” in 1997.