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Breakthrough Printing Press from Heidelberg

Our new 6-color Heidelberg CD74 with inline coater, CPC32, and CPC 24 scanning spectrophotometer represents the ultimate in image control. Its revolutionary technology not only transmits the ink profiles established at imagesetting but, through spectrophotometric correction, ensures perfect color consistency throughout the run. The result is unrivalled print quality. And we were the first printer, and still one of the few, in Northern California to offer it.

The breakthrough features of the CD74, along with sheet size (up to 23.5" x 29") and capacity (up to 31-pt. board), make this press the perfect solution for all your most sophisticated color projects, including software boxes and presentation pieces.

In addition to producing flawless print quality, the CD74 also significantly reduces cost and turnaround with the following features:

Automated ink fountains distribute the right amount of ink on the rollers right from the start, resulting in faster make-ready and less paper spoilage.
The inline aqueous coater ensures that your projects come off the press already dry and can go right to the cutter, saving you at least a half day or more of drying time.
Should you need to re-order a job, CPC24 archives all ink profiles for instant retrieval, ensuring the same fast make-ready and exact color match to the previous run.

From annual reports, to posters, to diecut folders, to software boxes, this press not only does it in six colors, it does it better and faster than anything available before.