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Announcing Our New

Digital Archiving & Digital Content Development Services

Archiving Services
A major transformation is occurring in the way owners and curators of repositories of video and audio content manage their valuable and irreplaceable media assets.

Every year more and more media archive managers are confronting the certain loss of their audio and video tape inventories due to their inability to access and repurpose content stored on obsolete media formats. Often, playback equipment is almost impossible to find. Far more dramatic is the actual physical loss of content from damage inflicted by a combination of poor storage and the unrelenting age-related deterioration experienced with every type of video and audio tape ever produced.

Patsons Media Group provides state-of-the-art Digital Archiving services to forward-looking media archive managers from Silicon Valley, Fortune 500 companies, universities, libraries and government and public agencies.

PMG is experienced and equipped to digitize your one-of-a-kind legacy format tape to virtually any format. Whether it is Quicktime, AVI, MPEG-4, Windows Media, or anything else, we can consult with you to determine the best solution to meet your Digital Storage needs; creating a secure and easily accessed repository, immune from the corrosive effects of age and poor storage, and opening up the untapped and valuable asset of a generation of stored content to a whole new life through data mining, research, meta-data tagging, and a whole array of heretofore unavailable media asset management capitalizations.

Patsons Media Group has the personnel, the equipment and the expertise to provide this essential service to media managers who understand the issues they’re facing but need an experienced and reliable partner to help them preserve and protect their precious archives.

Content Development
From independent producers to corporate communications managers…from industrial training productions to professional seminars and continuing education modules…Patsons Media Group is a respected leader in the Bay Area offering complete postproduction services for content creation and video editing.

PMG is one of the most experienced full-service DVD Authoring and Mastering service providers excelling across a wide range of project types with assorted production values, target audience, and display venues, from Web to MediaWall. Our supremely talented authoring staff possesses both the essential artistic and technical skills and the personalized, friendly, service ethic essential to partnering successfully and producing an end product you will be proud to put your name on.

Patsons Media Group is a full-service, “soup to nuts” media production facility, providing media production management and services, post-production editing and authoring, including CSS/Country/Zone encryption, and all aspects of CD and DVD duplication and replication, including packaging and fulfillment.

Whatever your media needs: mass production, short runs, fast turns, elaborate or simple or economy; packaging, mass mailing or multi-unit fulfillment and shipping; PMG will provide competitive pricing, quality controlled manufacturing, personalized service by an experienced and motivated project manager, and our trademark satisfaction-guaranteed customer service.

Warehousing & Fulfillment
Patsons Media Group offers our clients the added convenience of storing, assembling, and providing complete “fulfillment” services for their product or product line. Our customer service is always happy to discuss with you how we can help, not only to produce and manufacture your products, but also to manage and market them as well.

Whether you currently operate a website with a pay on-line option like PayPal, would like to have help creating your own order processing system, or already have a functioning order system but need an order filling and shipping component, we can help you.

At Patsons Media Group our services are designed to be truly “end-to-end.” We’re completely at your disposal to discuss any details, answer all questions, and provide itemized quotes as the basis for a thorough conversation about your business. Let us design a complete solution uniquely tailored to fit your production, manufacturing, and fulfillment needs…all at an affordable price.

Contact us to learn more about the Patsons CD and duplication processes.