patsons media group
“In recognition of your continued value as an esteemed partner in the production of Blue Shield's marketing collateral, you have been named Print Partner of Distinction for the fifth consecutive year. Patsons has earned this certificate as testimony to your consistent adherence to quality, service and price performance. Your help and guidance has been invaluable to the smooth production of the many projects on which we have worked. It continues to be a real pleasure to work with you.”

James H. Fraser,
Marketing - Creative Services
Blue Shield of California
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Fast, Convenient Pre-press at Patsons
From scanning to digital proofing to imagesetting, our state-of-the-art electronic prepress is the nerve center of our facility. Our prepress makes it possible for you to upload your files to the Internet through our FTP site and view your proofs via PDF. You may also submit your files on any of a wide range of electronic media, including flash/thumb drives or CDRs.

Accepting files in all standard formats

Our prepress department can work with Mac OS or Microsoft Windows files in all standard formats, including:
• QuarkXpress
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop

Direct-to-plate image setting
Our state-of-the-art Agfa imagesetting system transfers images directly to plate in 8-up, 16-up, or larger formats.

GRACoL 7 at Patsons
Patsons has implemented CMYK color calibration certifiable to the GRACoL 7 standard. Adherence to this standard, based on an unambiguous definition of a neutral gray in the midtones, ensures color quality, consistency, and repeatability because it relies on lab values rather than ink densities and dot gain.